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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and fasting during this period is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

In respect to the Holy Month of Ramadan, we request you to be guided by the following

  • Please ensure that you are dressed modestly whilst making your way to and from the pool facilities.
  • Please make sure you are dressed modestly whilst making your way to and from Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort + Spa when availing the pool and beach facilities there.
  • Please note swimwear should only be worn in the pool, beach & the gardens.
  • We also advise you to ensure that you are appropriately dressed when visiting Dubai or the other Emirates.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking in public areas is restricted during the fasting period. This is from sunrise to sunset.
  • Food or drinks should only be consumed in the designated areas during the fasting period.
  • Live entertainment or dancing is not permitted at any time during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
  • Please remember to abide by these regulations when visiting Dubai or other Emirates.


1. Is there a set time where fast begins and ends?
Fasting follows the sunrise and sunset which is determined daily throughout the month of Ramadan.
2. Am I allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public during fasting hours?
No, during fasting hours, even non-Muslims are expected to follow the rules of fasting in public areas. You are allowed to eat, drink and smoke in private.
3. Do people in UAE have to wear modest clothes?
Modesty in dress is essential during the Holy Month, and men and women are expected to dress more modestly during Ramadan. In particular, revealing and tight clothing should be avoided. Women should keep cleavage, knees and shoulders covered out of respect. This includes when going for a night out.
4. Is drinking, eating or smoking in a car considered a crime?
If the car is screened off from public view and if a person is in their car and needs a drink, they have to be discreet. If it is seen in public it is considered as a crime.
5. Can visitors, tourists or non-Muslim residents go to clubs or buy alcohol during Ramadan?
Most major nightclubs will be closed during Ramadan. Bars, pubs and lounges will generally remain open but will only serve alcohol after sunset. There is also no live music and nothing above quiet background music in bars and pubs.

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